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I can’t be the only one… October 20, 2008

Filed under: Frustrations — Aria @ 4:42 pm

…frustrated in lines at the store, seeing magazines screaming about who’s pregnant.  Or who might be pregnant.  Whoever the hell Trista is, it seems like she’s only known these days for nearly dying somehow the first time she had a kid and is a champion or something for deciding to have another baby.  And what’s this about Jamie Lynn Spears possibly being pregnant again after just three months?  And Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have already been looking into adopting again even though the twins are just over three months old?  They’ve acquired (birth or adoption) six kids in six years and three months, four of those in under two and a half years.  (It’s like she’s hording, gets the adrenaline rush of a new kid, then needs another to keep the rush going.  And I admit to being bothered that they had IVF and conceived the twins just three months after adopting Pax and bringing him to this country rather than spending time acclimating the child to a new country, home, and siblings.)

I don’t have to go looking for this stuff to be able to tell you the names of celebrity kids, how old they are, and where they were born.  It’s shouted out on every magazine cover.

Okay, so a celebrity has another kid.  Is this really news anymore?  How about more info on Christina Applegate’s cancer treatment?  Something other than Hollywood’s baby boom that’s only snowballing?

It’s at the point where, as soon as Cody and I get to the checkout, he pulls my head this shoulder to try to prevent me from having to see them because he knows I’ll start crying.  The last time we went to the store I had time to glance, and every single magazine by the register, EVERY SINGLE ONE, was about who was pregnant, even the tabloid ones.  Bring back Bat Boy.  ANYTHING!

Even friends of mine who aren’t infertile are tired of seeing this and pissed off especially about how teen moms are made to sound completely normal and put on a pedestal.


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