Are we parents yet?

The Clements’ IVF Journey

Starting again…again October 8, 2008

October 30th we have yet another appointment with yet another RE.  The third one this year alone.  This time it will be a doctor with Stanford.  While United now claims to cover the doctor and Stanford, as one might imagine, we are weary.  I don’t exactly have home after the games of ping-pong they played with us being the ball.

Exactly what is wrong is known.  What to do about it is known.  Getting it paid for is the problem.  I have little doubt United will try once again to get out of paying.

About all I can do right now to sustain any hope is to make baby items.  Night before last I made a robe.  Last night I made a gown and booties.  They’re as unisex as I can make them.  And them I look at these things and get angry.  I think about the buyout and AIG CEOs spending nearly half a mill at spas at our (all us taxpayers) expense, and I get angry.  I think about all my cousins having so many babies and not a single one of them has a job, every last one of them living on welfare, and it makes me mad that I’m supporting them instead of using the money to have my own, and I get angry.  I look at the floor and see a ghost of a child playing, and I can barely hold back tears.

Tonight I’ll make a bonnet and bib, if I can get the energy.  All the hope I have left is tied up in these little things.


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