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Just an insurance update September 21, 2008

Filed under: Financials for IVF,Frustrations — Aria @ 10:36 pm

I get so angry sometimes because the cause of mine wasn’t something wrong with my body originally, but rather I as hit by a car when I was 19. A driver in a Lexus (and I will never forget his name, and seeing a Lexus still makes me feel sick) ran a red light and hit me. As in me. Not in a car. Me. My body. I was a pedestrian. One of the many resulting problems led to scar tissue forming that has crushed/blocked my fallopian tubes. When I was 22 and had open-abdominal surgery to finish repairing the intestinal damage, the doctor saw mangling to my left ovary and removed it (damned thing had caused me extreme pain since the accident, and I never mentioned it to this doc, but he saw the damage anyway), and he observed the scar tissue that had formed around both tubes, though it was too much for him to do anything about at the time.

If that idiot driver had watched where he was going, he would have stopped, and I’d be able to have babies normally. It drives me nut to know the thing stopping me isn’t a problem with my uterus or egg production, but that the tubes were damaged beyond repair because of this. Since it was in Massachusetts, the amount I got for pain and suffering was insanely small, not even enough to pay for half of one cycle of IVF, and the amount that was paid toward medical bills was a paltry $8,000 (versus half a million in medical bills on my credit).

Since I still remember his name, Piotr Dimkowsky, I sometimes want to track him down and send him a “nice” little letter telling him how his inattention has effected my life. Since he, the day of the accident, transferred all assets out of his name and into his mom’s to protect himself from judgments (my attorney discovered that, but his own attorney knew loopholes to make it all legal, and that guy was rich), I have a hard time forgiving him for this. I want him to feel bad for what he did. Accident or no, he did what he could to get out of being responsible for the damage he caused to my entire life and for nearly killing me. I wasn’t expected to live! I hate him with venom.

Okay, now that that’s out of my system, tomorrow (well, today, as it’s after midnight) the HR rep at the Apple location where Cody works will be having a teleconference with an HR person at headquarters (funny enough, we live a little over a mile from HQ, yet 15 miles from where he works) about what United is pulling. Brian agrees that United is wrong in trying to tell us to pay nearly $10,000 out of pocket and submit it for some reimbursement later. He agrees that $1,500 oop is just that, not more, even if we may get some back. So hopefully something can be figured out. I have been too depressed over this to even cry, and have destroyed the baby things I had been making out of a feeling of hopelessness.


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