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A few things September 16, 2008

Filed under: Frustrations,Medical appointments and stuff — Aria @ 4:58 pm

Baby Momma. Who the hell at whatever studio thought infertility issues was a good topic for comedy? At the store I keep going by the kiosk for DVD rentals and it has a poster, “Would you put your eggs…in this basket?” In my opinion, this is on par with making a comedy out of a family dealing with one of its members having cancer. It’s not funny and there are no good times that come as a result of it.

The people who will understand what goes on with infertility and in vitro and donors are people who are going through it, those least likely to laugh. And if someone won’t understand, why see it? Why see it anyway? It’s belittling to those suffering through this. All, one of my thoughts was someone as rich as it looks like the main person was could afford the best surrogate, and someone who wasn’t was going to do a damned careful job finding the best one because that might be the only shot, no taking chances. Instead a drugged-out (or so she looks) woman was chosen. And then lulz are supposed to ensue. I can laugh at a lot of things (e.g. Timmy on South Park, who is really precious, and religious jokes, etc.), but not something that is the direct cause of suffering of so many. Let’s all laugh at cancer, or those people losing homes in Texas! Right? NO.

Okay, now I feel like I’m going to cry.


Tomorrow we have our first appointment with a new doctor. I am nervous and excited and scared and hopeful and extremely thankful that it’s only $5 more than a regular co-pay. We are so fortunate with the coverage we have.

Now something I keep thinking about. When an embryo transfer is done, does the doctor have you lay still for a few days? I know this may be an irrational thought, but if you stand up soon afterward, can it basically fall out? I will lay there and not move for nine months if I have to.


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